Shaughnessy Rentals Now Open in Abington!!

Shaughnessy Rentals is pleased to announce the opening of their second store in Abington, MA! Located at 446 Bedford Street, this location was the home to American Rental Center – an equipment rental business for more than 30 years. Reaching an agreement in the last days of August, Shaughnessy Rentals agreed to purchase American Rental Center. Located on busy ... ...

Now Hiring – Shop Supervisor

In search of a qualified general tool shop supervisor, with a small engine mechanical background. Punctuality, cleanliness, organizational skills, and self- motivation are a must. Managing a small shop of 5+ employees and a large inventory of equipment is the focus of this position. Generous salary and benefits offered at a 45-50hr work week. Please email your resume to or call to set up interview @ 508-746-7368.


Dehumidifiers – Proactive and Reactive Uses

How to Improve Your Home with a Dehumidifier

Your home is supposed to be a haven that keeps you safe and cozy. When too much

moisture accumulates in the air, it can make the atmosphere sticky and uncomfortable.

The ideal humidity is between 30 and 50 percent. Anything over sixty percent and it can

be unbearable. It can also wreak havoc on the house itself, warping floors, ruining

walls, creating the perfect space for mold to grow. Renting a ... ...

20% Off Sale! April 23, 2016

Landscapers! Contractors! Homeowners! Don’t miss our phenomenal sale! One Day only! A great opportunity to save tons of cash!

Take 20% off the following:

All Sales Items

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What is Damage Waiver?

When renting equipment or party items from Shaughnessy Rental, a mandatory fee of 12% is added to every rental item. This fee is DAMAGE WAIVER. What is damage waiver? Damage waiver covers the customer from the cost of repairing equipment if said customer damages rental equipment during the rental.

There are stipulations, however, as certain types of damage is not covered, such as: theft, collision, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, mysterious disa... ...